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I was a fattie and have big ass and fat boobs, and people call me name like hippo, fat, lard. Once one boy ask me: had I sex yet. I told him no and he responded saying "What, no one can get between those fat legs of yours":(( My school years were an absolute nightmare....... I was extremely busty when I was in college. I had to stop eating, because I could not find bras large enough. I went back down to normal size (to me). For some unexplained reason, my tits started growing again… I can't stop eating now.. but my best friends (she is fat but not as fat as me) said that I should learn to be fat and stop trying to lose weight and enjoy my big natural breasts. Now, my boyfriend blandly call me chubby or "my pretty big breasted woman":)) and I'm very happy!

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